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We are passionate about trees and know how to tend to all-important maintenance tasks. Our goal is to give you the exceptional customer service in Craven Country NC that will make you want to use us on a regular basis.

We’ll do our best to complete your service quickly without leaving a mess on your property. We’ll make an attempt to provide you with affordable solutions.

Our Services:

Tree Removal Craven Country NC

We’re the best in Craven Country NC Tree Removal! Keeping your property in top condition is not always easy. When it comes to caring for the trees around your home or business in Craven Country NC, you may find yourself going through some difficult situations. Our tree removal service can help you keep your property safe and beautiful.

Property Safety and Damage Prevention

Dead and dying trees can become a safety issue for your property. These trees may have fallen branches and debris. Due to the limited space between properties in Craven Country NC, these trees may throw harmful debris on your property or neighboring properties. Damaged and dead trees are a safety hazard and a responsibility, simple and clear. In these cases, Craven Country NC Tree Removal is usually the best option, as long as you can work with a leading tree removal company that has experience in handling some of the toughest removal jobs in the narrowest spaces.

Reasons To Remove Trees

There are a number of reasons that you may want to remove trees from your property. Here are a few of the reasons that the team of A&H Precision Tree Service has been called to remove old trees from a property especially in Craven Country NC Tree Removal.


Trees can get sick too! Tree diseases are often visible and will cause additional decay and eventual death to the tree.

Insect Infestation

Trees overtaken by a bug infestation could be beyond saving. Some pest species are especially harmful to trees and will cause death.

Storm Damage

Some storm-damaged trees just need to be trimmed and pruned, while others may be exceptionally damaged and require tree removal.

Permanent Structural Damage

These trees will not recover from damages and could be suffering from storm damage, disease, or other factors.


  • Broken limbs
  • Sawdust in the root zone or trunk base
  • Dead or dying limbs, discolored or wilted leaves

Call A&H Precision Tree Service (252) 349-0911 to make arrangements for a knowledgeable arborist to come to your property in Craven Country, NC.

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